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Story so far


The Natural Alternative

Pollution is a constant and increasing issue, for which we are all responsible! But don’t worry, now there is an opportunity to become part of the sollution to help clean up our environment for generations to come. One of the bigger factors in the war on pollution is the plastic and packaging industry, and this is exactly where we start our changes to the industry.

We want to provide Europe with greener alternatives, moving away from plastic and have a positive impact on the world.  Disposables.bio is the new e-commerce platform across Europe, offering a wide range of superb disposables with an affordable price tag.

Our purpose

To provide all disposable users with a green and affordable alternative and by doing so, realizing a cleaner and more beautiful world.


By enabling manufacturers of green disposables in Europe to sell directly to reseller, professionals and consumer through consignment. 


A highly professional e-commerce platform where qualified manufacturers can offer their biodegradable disposables directly to European customers. No MOQ’s, no lead time and top-of-the line online marketing. The greenest products for the best price, delivered tomorrow.

What’s happening?

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