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Story so far


It all started with the simple idea of making use of nature’s natural waste as an alternative to plastic disposable tableware. The first brand we created was Hampi, a line of palm leaf plates made from naturally shed palm leaves from the Areca tree. Over the years, we have developed other high quality brands in collaboration with hospitality professionals. Today, Disposables.bio offers an extensive collection of our own brands, as well as a wide range of other biodegradable disposable tableware products. Disposables.bio serves as a one stop shop for biodegradable and compostable disposable tableware.

Today, the need for customized disposables and take away solutions has grown exponentially. Disposables.bio has experience in both disposable tableware as well as hospitality management and we are able to consult you on a more personal level, helping you serve your customers best.

Will you join us on our mission to phase out plastic?

Social responsibility

Social – we care about people

We do not only care about the environment, we also care about people. Since the opening of the Hampi plantation in 2008, we have been engaged in creating long term job opportunities in rural areas characterized by low standard of living.

By making use of materials that would normally go to waste, we do not only take care of everything nature has to offer, but also add value to the local economy. We work together with micro entrepreneurs, allowing them to provide the local population with jobs and give them opportunity to generate their own income.

We highly appreciate the collaborations we have with our factories and partners and ensure that fair and safe working conditions are applied.

Environment – we want to make a change

Once produced, plastic products (or their components) never cease to exist, so why is plastic so often used only once? A vast amount of single use plastic products, such as plastic disposables, end up in our oceans, polluting the water, killing marine life, poisoning our food chain and eventually ending up in our own bodies.

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. We are on a mission to prevent this by replacing plastic disposables with natural alternatives.

The ultimate way of using respectfully what nature has to offer, boils down to a simple idea: for our Hampi palm leaf plates we turn naturally fallen Areca palm leaves into a wide range of natural design disposable tableware. Hampi plates are made by heat pressing the selected leaves, without using any chemicals or other harmful toxics in the process, leaving a 100% natural product. Hampi Products are 100% biodegradable and “back yard” compostable, just like all the other products we offer on Disposables.bio.

The production technique was developed in the south of India, where making use of everything that nature has to offer is a way of life. This way, Hampi provides a stylish and natural alternative to plastic disposable tableware. Taking Hampi as inspiration, we took this approach and applied it to our bagasse (sugarcane) brands, which are produced from a bi products from sugar cane extraction, a material that otherwise would have been burnt. We believe this lifestyle should be adopted around the globe. Let’s challenge our habits and use more natural materials to minimize the impact we have on our environment. That is what “A Hampi State of Mind” is all about!

Economics – we believe it’s all part of a bigger picture

We believe (and can already see) consumers have the potential to positively affect the issue of plastic pollution, by making a conscious choice for sustainable products, thereby pushing for change and as such influence large corporations to change their use of scarce natural resources.

We support the Doughnut Economy principle as laid out by Kate Raworth. An economic model that focuses on humanity’s 21st century challenges in meeting the needs of all, within the means of the planet. In other words, to ensure that no one falls short of the essentials, such as food, housing, healthcare and

Our beliefs political voice, while preventing us from overriding earth’s life supporting-system. The environmental ceiling of the model consists of nine planetary boundaries. The twelve dimensions of the social foundation derives from the Sustainable Development Goals (2015).





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