Hampi Raaga Double palm leave plate (26cm) - 25 pcs

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Two compartment drop shaped palm leaf plate, designed by Smeets design, 26cm in diameter. Of course ideal for main courses to keep sauce and dish apart, but also a real hit at kids parties!

The Hampi collection, consisting of 17 shapes and sizes, are produced in our own factory in India allowing us to guarantee the best quality through the centuries old knowledge of the locals.
Hampi is very popular for use during events, preferred by food trucks like Smokey Goodness and favorite at every BBQ,
Check out the other forms (Jeeva, Tappa) and sizes as well; we have a palm plate for every occasion. Combine these plates with our Natural Cutlery made from FSC wood and bio disposable napkins to make your event complete!

Cheese fondue, because it’s fon to due, cheese sauce in one compartment and bread in the other, that’s our favorite dish with this plate.