We’re on a mission! We are going to #phaseoutplastic. How do we do it? We are adding new products to disposables.bio. With these disposable items of high quality and unrivalled in design, we aim to create a single-use, lasting dining experiences.

Symbiose by The Jane is a line of high-end, sustainable disposable tableware: the result of a collaboration between  Natural Tableware, The Jane Antwerp’s 2 star chef Nick Bril   and Yaara Landau-Katz of designer agency One & Many
The Symbioose by the Jane collection consists of 4 tableware references, from amuse all the way to dessert. The elegant and round designs give room for creative plating. Three out of  four references are bowls: perfect hybrid plates. The fourth reference is a top/side plate which add a surprising element in your presentation.

The bagasse material that we use for our disposable bowls is the material that remains after processing  the sugarcane. Instead of being thrown away, the products gain a second purpose before returning to the earth as compost. This is how we make beautifully designed disposable tableware that is eco-friendly at the same time.

The positive impact on the environment? Not only do we prevent plastics from being produced, we also help reduce the emission of CO2 that otherwise would have been released when incinerating the rest materials.